Hockey Night in Canada Feb 17

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Hockey Night in Canada Feb 17 - 02/17/18 11:38 AM

Well, today, 6 different games involving Canadian teams. For most of them, going strictly with their records, both overall and how they play on the road and home, with one exception. I don't have a lot of time as I am heading out the door and first game is in a few hours. Sorry for lack of supporting information.

NY Rangers [27-26-5 overall and 9-16-2 on the road] at Ottawa [20-27-9 overall and 13-11-5 at home]

Well, this is not an impressive looking game.Both teams having disappointing season, Rangers have announced they will enter a rebuild phase which means a few players are probably on their way out with trade deadline coming up. Ottawa, well, to say they have been disappointing would be an understatement.I will go with the home team here but do it almost reluctantly.

Pick: Ottawa

Edmonton [23-29-4 overall and 11-15-2 on the road] at Arizona [16-32-10 overall and 8-16-4 at home]

Pick: Edmonton

Toronto [35-19-5 overall and 16-11-3 on the road] at Pittsburgh [33-22-4 overall and 22-7-1 at home]
I am hoping this game is a good as I think it will be. Two very good teams who have had periods where they struggle. Head says the Penguins win but my gut says the Leafs.

Pick: Toronto

Montreal [22-28-7 overall and 8-18-1 on the road] at Vegas [38-15-4 overall and 21-4-2 at home]

Pick: Vegas

Florida [25-23-6 overall and 12-14-3 on the road] at Calgary [30-20-8 overall and 13-13-3 at home]

Pick: Calgary

Boston [35-12-8 overall and 16-5-4 on the road] at Vancouver [22-30-6 overall and 10-15-3 at home]

Pick: Boston
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Re: Hockey Night in Canada Feb 17 - 04/13/18 11:15 PM

Where is the great Poorboy for the playoffs?