Hockey Day In Canada Feb 3

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Hockey Day In Canada Feb 3 - 02/03/18 09:43 AM

Hi all,

Well, the season has been profitable so far, but that was early on. Hit a rough stretch and then got busy with work so it is time to try and get back on Track here. A couple early games today so here are quick thoughts...

Anaheim at Montreal
Ducks are the better team here.Montreal has not had a good season so far. Niemi is in goal for Canadians and I usually don't mind seeing a backup in goal, at home. Last game for the Ducks was a loss in Ottawa and I see a bounce back win here. My first thought here was to take the Ducks so I will stick with that.
Pick: Anaheim

Ottawa at Philadelphia
The Senators are also under performing this year and have been a disappointment. Flyers have lost 3 in a row but have Ottawa coming to town should be all they need to get back on the winning side of things, and should win by a couple goals at least.
Pick: Philadelphia

Colorado at Winnipeg
The Avalanche come to town to play a team that I would say is a little pissed right now. The last game, there was some contact with the goalie (a slash across his face and the stick broke), the goal counted, and players and coach are livid. Goalie interference is a tough call as there is no black/white decision point. Regardless, the Jets will be pumped up as they have an awesome home record and that last game hurt. Colorado has also found their game after a rough start but this one will come down to pride for the Jets, and they win here.
Pick: Winnipeg

Toronto at Boston
Will be a tight game here,both teams have 30 wins but leafs are not great on the road and Bruins are good at home. Going with the Bruins here
Pick: Boston

Chicago at Calgary
Chicago had i2 in a row until their last game against Vancouver. Calgary has lost last couple o home games. Both teams are in a funk it seems. Close game, i call it a pick'em, but will go with the Flames in getting it together in this one.
Pick: Calgary

Tampa at Vancouver
My boys are in tough tonight. My team is a team trying to rebuild and become a playoff contender. The Lightning are a team that is a Stanley Cup contender. My heart is with the Canucks but my money is on Tampa.
Pick: Tampa Bay
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Two Thumbs Up !