Hockey Night in Canada - Week 6

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Hockey Night in Canada - Week 6 - 11/10/17 10:23 PM

Sorry, not much time to put in reasons/opinion in details (a couple of the teams have games Friday night that are still in progress as I am doing this)... and no odds this time as I wont have time in morning to followup for this. Had a couple weeks not doing so well but think I turn it around this week!

Colorado 8-6-1 @ Ottawa 7-3-5

Game is in Sweden, the played yesterday as well. Ottawa won in overtime. Similar game again

Pick: Ottawa

Edmonton 6-8-1 @ NY Rangers 8-7-2

Rangers had a slow start but are turning it around of late, winning 5 in a row. Oilers have won the last couple in OT. I think the Oilers end the current winning streak of the Rangers

Pick: Edmonton

Toronto 11-7-0 @ Boston 6-6-3
Played night before, Leafs won in OT

Pick: Boston

Buffalo 5-8-2 @ Montreal 7-9-1

Pick: Buffalo

Vancouver 8-6-2 @ San Jose 8-6-0

Pick: Vancouver

Winnipeg 8-3-3 @ Arizona 2-13-3

Pick: Winnipeg
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Re: Hockey Night in Canada - Week 6 - 12/11/17 01:23 PM

What happened to the weekly picks? You throw in the towel?