Playoff Contest Rules/Information

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Playoff Contest Rules/Information - 12/20/17 06:26 PM

The contest will run from January 6th and ends with the Super Bowl on February 4th.

You will be picking the winner of the NFL Playoffs along with the NCAA Title game against the spread.

Each win is worth 1 point and each loss is worth 0 points.

The person that earns the most points wins the contest. In case of a tie, the prize pool will be split among all players who have the most points.

The cost to enter is $100 per entry. You are allowed 2 entries per person.

Payment is accepted via Chase Quick Pay and Pay Pal/Venmo only.

If using Pay Pal use the friend to friend option only with no message.

Pay Pal to

E-mail me if you need to do a Chase Quick Pay

Entries/Payments accepted until Friday January 5th at 9PM Eastern

The selections and lines will be posted on the Bowl Contest page. You can access this page at

I will e-mail all entrants from the official e-mail address so you know where to send your selections. The lines for the opening round of the playoffs will go out no later than Wednesday January 3rd.
Posted by: FREAK

Re: Playoff Contest Rules/Information - 01/05/18 06:09 PM

If we get to 15 entrants, I am going to change the prize payout to

70% first
30% second