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PrayforVegas - 10/04/17 04:49 PM

An event I hope no one ever has to experience, God Bless our military, police, firemen - offduty, on-duty and regular citizens for running right into harm's way to save countless lives... It was a war zone, thankfully, me, my wife, two daughters and a friend made it out unharmed... emotional bruises but unharmed, please pray for those injured and for the families of the 58 victims... Hug your sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brother... Hell, hug everyone like Big Kenny's guitar says... PEACE...
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Glad you and the family made it out safe.
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Thanks still processing this shit...
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Re: PrayforVegas - 10/13/17 10:43 PM

Cant imagine what that would have been like to be there Paulie, and worrying about your family and others. Glad you and your family got out safely and hope you are all coping as well as can be going through something like that. I did say a prayer, and still do, for all involved and am so proud of those that helped others. The story of the lady (bartender I think she was) who stayed with a young man who had died, just so he would not be alone, and communicated with his family through his cell phone, is one of many stories about amazing people.
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Your prayers are being heard and thank you for thinking of us... The bartender's name is Heather Gooze she worked The House of Blues Bar and because of her and her crew we, fortunately, stayed close to the bar on the east side of the venue... No place was safe but I say fortunately because we were together and able to get to cover a lot quicker than center or west... If her crew made bad conversation or drinks we would not have been having fun and may have moved on in the wrong direction... Again, appreciate your thoughts and prayers brother...
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Back to ParlayPaulie... 58 days #honor58 changing image back... I've been to Vegas more in the past 60 days than in 2 years... Anyone going for SuperBowl this year to watch New Orleans, Minnesota or Seattle beat the Pats?
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Will be there more than likely for the Caesar's Super Bowl Party.