Thank You FREAK

Posted by: cash

Thank You FREAK - 02/07/18 02:46 PM

I know I fell off the wagon in posting and it has been a long long time. I was one of your original members from the days of those bulletin boards you started out with.

I actually followed you and your posts/picks when you were just a number if I recall from another board that eludes me now. That was over 20 years ago. I do recall how everyone thought you were a freak with all the info you posted before the age of the information was readily available.

Those were the good ole days my friend.

I want to thank you for all that you did back then and what you have continued to do for what over twenty years now. While I don't post like I did, I have lurked. My handicapping skills have deteriorated over time and I was a loser for so many years on my own. You helped turned that around with your posts, information and insights into things.

I know you don't get the kudos and accolades you deserve.

You sir deserve much better than what you have been given. I am guilty myself for not supporting as I should.

Can I send you money to thank you? I don't mean to disrespect if that is out of line.

I hope you find this post genuine and I truly do thank you for all you have done over the years with little to no fan fare.

God Bless You and I hope a bright light is shone on you personally and this great forum you have maintained all these years.

Posted by: FREAK

Re: Thank You FREAK - 02/08/18 07:09 PM

cash my man it's nice to see you here again. It has indeed been a while and of course I remember you from the start of all this.

I appreciate your comments and positive remarks, it helps remind me why I am still doing this after so long.

I get to points at time where I don't feel the love or question why I do this. Then a post like yours comes along and reminds me that some people do care.

Thank YOU for putting it all back to the front for me.
Posted by: chic'sfridge

Re: Thank You FREAK - 09/07/18 12:52 PM

You are the man FREAK and the LEGEND!