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#447462 - 09/06/19 10:34 AM Parlays
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According to a UNLV Center for Gaming Research study conducted with the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the average hold (the amount held onto by the house after all bets have been settled) for Vegas books is roughly 5% for all the major sports from 1992-2018. But for parlays it's roughly 30%. In other words, the books make a killing off parlays. They are the sports betting equivalent of the penny slot.

It's all psychological. Casual bettors get sucked into the allure of cashing a massive parlay and striking it rich. But it's much smarter to bet your games individually. Think of it this way: if you bet a 5-team parlay and go 4-1, you lose. But if you bet all five legs of the parlay individually, you profited roughy 3 units.

There's nothing wrong with the occasional parlay here and there if you think you have an edge. But betting them consistently as part of your daily betting routine is dangerous and playing right into the sportsbooks' hands.
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#447987 - 09/09/19 03:12 PM Re: Parlays [Re: FREAK]
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