Blackjack is a type of card game that is familiar to most players in Vietnam. Currently this type of card game is available at most online casinos. This game is played with a 52 card deck, the goal is to win the house with a score of 21 or higher. Find out about blackjack gambling always winning in this article!

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a Western card game with a maximum of 5 players and 1 dealer. Blackjack has a person who acts as a bookie and a children's house. The dealer will be the dealer for the doors; My family will place a bet before the house opens. The houses will have the same goal to win the house. Each game, the player will be withdrawn 2 cards and have the right to withdraw up to 3 more cards and compare with the dealer.

Currently, in addition to traditional blackjack, blackjack is available at websites with online games. This simple form has created interaction between players without having to go to online casinos directly.

Some terms used in blackjack

To not be unfamiliar with card games when you first play blackjack, you need to learn some of the following terms

Withdrawal: If you withdraw more from the gathering, the player is only allowed to withdraw more when the total score is below 21 points.

Post: If you feel you have a strong enough point and don't need to draw any more cards.

Young: This is where the player feels that the total points of the cards are between 16-17 points. Some cases require players to be involved when they have 5 troops.

Underage: This is the case where the total number of points in your cards is less than 16 points.
Old enough: In case the card reaches 16 points or more.

Blackjack: If your first 2 cards have an Ace in combination with a 10, J, Q, K, card.

Cigars: If your card has 2 Ace troops.

Five spirits: This is the case where you have a total score of 5 cards or less than 21 points. If you and the dealer both hit the ball, you will win against smaller points.

Quack: This is the case where your score is more than 21 points.
Considering the lesson: The dealer can compare his score with all of the sub-houses. The dealer is only allowed to compare his score with the players when he is old enough.

First the dealer will divide cards, each door will have 2 cards and face cards. When all players see the score and decide whether or not to add more cards. The dealer will be the last card draw. In case your child has blackjack or blackjack, you can present it to the dealer immediately for the score. If the house has blackjack or blackjack, it is possible to win the house.

In case of loading more items to get points from 16 to 21. The extra load is done according to the afternoon round of the initial division of the dealer; Anyone who stops loading cards will move to the next person.

During the process of playing all players need to be old enough before your checker. The dealer will have the right to check any card house. If the house has a point smaller than the house, then the house will get all the bets of the house, or vice versa. If two sides equal each other, it is counted as a tie. It is important to note that if your card has more than 21 points, it will be lost if it is discovered.

How to calculate points in blackjack

Cards of 10, J, Q, and K are counted as 10 points; Cards 2 to 9 are calculated according to the corresponding number of points. Ace cards are flexible, if Ace has 2 to 3 cards, it is up to you if you have 10 or 11 or 1. If you have more than 3 cards then Ace will only count 1 point.

The order of comparing the strength of the lesson is as follows:

Blackjack> Blackjack> Five Spirit> Old enough> Scary

How to play blackjack always wins

When dealing with cards, if you have 18-20 points, you should not withdraw more cards because at this time the winning rate falls to 60-90%.

If you have 16-17 points, you can observe the previous withdrawal. In case the previous person has withdrawn 1 card and stops then you should stop not withdrawing anymore, because the rate of drawing the card is very high. Conversely, if the previous person withdraws 2-3 leaves, you can withdraw.

If you have 15 points or less, you will definitely have to withdraw more cards. If you have 3-10 points then you are free to withdraw the first card. If with 3 withdrawals, you still only have 17-18 points, then think before making a decision to stop or withdraw more. But if 14-16 points are needed, it is necessary to withdraw more because the rate of spirituality is 50%.

Each time you play, you should not sit for too long because it will reduce your reasoning.