This has been a successful add on to the Bad Man Contest and will return for the 2019 Bad Man Contest.

The cost to enter the Bad Man Side Pool is $50 and is only available to those that enter the Bad Man Contest.

How it works is quite simple.

For every entrant into the Side Pool the $50 goes into the Side Pool Pot. The final total will be divided by the 17 week season and will be a prize amount that will be available each week.

To win the weekly prize all you need to do is go 5-0. If more than one person goes 5-0 in a given week the prize will be split among all entrants who go 5-0 for that week.

If no one goes 5-0 the prize will rollover into the next week and continue to do so until it is hit.

The final week of the season is an automatic pay out of the remaining prize pool funds. The best record for week 17 will win the prize. If no one goes 5-0 and 4-1 is the best record then 4-1 will be paid out or the highest best weekly record.

This is an added incentive for those that may start off slow or drop too far back to win the contest but you still have a shot to win some money.

This is not a mandatory contest to take part in the main Bad Man contest. Look at it as a contest within a contest. If you think about it, it costs less than $3 a week to play the Side Pool.

All payouts from side pool will be paid out at the end of the contest along with the main prize pool prizes.

Every dollar is paid out from this pool. The only way I get any money is if I win or you tip me.

Any questions feel free to ask.
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