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#425014 - 02/21/19 10:50 PM Introduction
JV Squad

Registered: 02/20/19
Posts: 14
What's up everyone !!

First and foremost I want to say thanks to all the people who contribute and make this forum what it is.

My goal for being here is to provide some insight on how the chase system i have developed over many years can make you some serious coin.

Of course it is not fool proof but over the longevity of time you will see great results as many of my clients can testify. Changing the way we look at playing on or against a team is always going to be a difficult task, especially since we have been trained one way already, yet I have come up with a way thru much trial and error to succeed at what I have created.

We only chase the 1 game trying to win a half

For example:

200* Lakers chase with 3x behind if 200* is the monetary number...could be 10/50/100/200 whatever it is your bankroll can afford.

The example here is that we play 200.00 on the first half.

1) if the first half wins we collect and there is no play for the 2half
2) if the first half falls we then use the multiplier which in this case is 3x...meaning we will be playing the 2h (3 times) the original bet ~~ 200.00 first half x 3 ( 600.00) on the lakers again or whatever side or total we are chasing.

The point here is we are giving ourselves 2 chances to make coin in the same game. Sure there is a huge risk/reward but by increasing our odds of winning we will see more wins in the long run.

I'm sure there are going to be many questions and I will try and answer them as quickly as I can. Someone is always around to give help as many have flown over here to help contribute and make this a better place.

#425023 - 02/22/19 02:28 AM Re: Introduction [Re: SPORTSROOKIEEE]
JV Squad

Registered: 02/20/19
Posts: 14
A point that one should think about is this... Howany times have we played a full game and look great after the first half to just faulter down the stretch and get beat or hooked... Yes it happens to everyone just like all the Philly and Milwaukee backers last night... However having played the way I do we would've won on those 76ers and Bucks being they both won the first half...

I'm not saying this is the prerequisite for the future of bettors but merely another form to expand the knowledge one each has in the own decision-making.... I use many different variables to come to my conclusions each night as we all do....but think about this as I was schooled by an old timer who watch me tear up tickets getting hooked as we spoke about earlier...He said and I quote," kid why don't u give yourself 2 chances to win in the same game?" I was baffled by this as you are as well till he broke it down in ebonics form...Kid he said, if you are going to bet a rack (1000) on the game, play it in two parts .. you will win more often ...

Never did I ask more about it being the stubborn ass I am and it didn't come to me till later when I understood that winning more often makes us think straight, focus more, keep us off tilt as we do when we in a rut...So I decided to expand on that, which I introduced the multiplyer within the system I doing his it opened a lot of doors I never knew were there... 1 is that even though we may lose the first half there are more options that can be utilized to max coinage...for instance playing that 2h as a parlay into a later game chase we like for the 1st doing this we are not exposed to some big back end chases and we take away some of the risk as well.... Bottom line fellas is that we all have our ways of playing amd hopefully u can gain a little knowledge with this and incorporate into ur way of playing....once again there is no full proof system out there and there never will be...but it we can get an edge the it can only be better for each of us....with that being said choose what u like to play but take a moment to see how this chase system works...afterall they don't call me the Chase Master for nothing.....but who am I ???

Just some Rookieee


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