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#373292 - 01/06/18 12:00 AM The Art of Tipping...............
FREAK Online   happy

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As each year goes by I am amazed at the lack of knowledge people have when it comes to tipping.

Mind you some people have it down to a science and know when to tip and the right amount based on their experience or their winning.

Some folks either don't know the etiquette behind tipping or just don't feel they need to. I'd hate to be their waiter or someone that has provided a service to them where tipping is the norm.

I have taken excerpts from the Gentleman's Guide To Tipping

A gentleman knows when and how to tip those who serve him. The unmannered and uncouth do not. Tipping an individual, while not mandatory, should always be done. The only occasion you should not leave a tip is if the service was completely horrendous and the person providing the service made no attempt to remedy the situation.


Housekeeping at the hotel. A good tip for housekeeping is between $2 to $5. Don’t just leave cash on the nightstand. It might not be clear to your maid that the money is for her. Make sure to leave the tip in an envelope marked for housekeeping.

Tour guide. Tip between $1 to $5 per person in your group.

Skycap or bell hop. $1 to $2 per bag they lug for you. If you’re running late and the skycap books your luggage to your plane so you can get there on time, bump up the tip.

Doorman. Only tip the doorman at a hotel if he gives you a hot tip on the best places to eat or visit while in town.

Personal Services

Massage Therapist. Give 10 to 20 percent of the total cost.

Nurses. Usually tipping nurses at hospitals is not permitted, but don’t tell that to my wife’s Italian grandma. She’s a retired nurse and believes you should definitely tip nurses and other health assistants. Any time she’s at the hospital you can guarantee she’s getting the best service because she gave her nurse “la boost.”

Valet parking. $2-$5 for the valet who parks your car, and $2-$5 for the valet who later retrieves it.

Baristas/Smoothie Makers/Ice Cream Scoopers. It seems like all these types of establishments have tip jars nowadays. Spare change is always appreciated. If the barista starts making your order as soon as you walk in so that its ready for you by the time you get up to pay, tip a little extra. If they sing a song when you give them a tip, ask them to not sing it or you’ll take the tip back.

Hairstylist. Tip 15% of the cost of the haircut.

Takeout. If you order takeout from a restaurant make sure to tip the cashier a bit. While they weren’t waiting on you hand in foot, they did have to bust their butt to get your order together and ready. If they help you take your order out to the car, tip a bit extra.

Car washer. $3 bucks is good for a basic car wash. If they take extra time in when detailing it, give 10% of the cost of the wash.

Tattoos/Body Piercings. 15% of the total cost. If the tattoo artist does an amazing job of capturing the image of your mother on your arm, tip extra.

Tow Truck. It depends on what services the person provides. If they jump your car or change your tire, tip about $4. If they tow it, $5 is good tip. If they are towing you away from a no parking zone, give them the finger.

Bagger at the grocery store. Typically, people no longer tip grocery baggers. It’s not necessary, but definitely a nice gesture. $1 is a good tip.

Delivery Services

Newspaper deliverer. During the holidays, give them a card with $20. My in-laws do this every year and as a result, they have their paper delivered straight to their door instead of just thrown on the driveway.

Pizza/Meal delivery. 15% is customary. If the weather is bad, i.e. there’s snow and ice or a tsunami, and you’re risking the delivery guy’s life so you don’t have to risk yours, tip extra.

Furniture/large appliance delivery. $5 per person. If they stick around and help you assemble or rearrange your furniture, tip extra.

Out on the Town

Waiters. 15 to 20% is customary. If they do an exceptional job, pay more. If you come in with a large group make sure to ask if gratuity is added into your check so you don’t tip them twice. (Of course, as a former waiter, I always appreciated it when someone gave me a little extra in addition to the gratuity.) Be extra generous when you’re on a dinner date with a new lady; she’ll be sure to steal a glance at the tip line of your bill to see if you are a cheap loser or a real gentleman.

Bartenders. 15 to 20%. Again, if they do an excellent job give more. If you come during happy hour and down 20 $.99 cent draws, don’t just leave 15%. Bartenders have to bust their butt to get those things poured for you and deserve more than just your change.

Casino. There are lots of people you could be tipping at a casino. First, you have cocktail waitresses. 15% is customary. Many people tip dealers when they have a successful run, ensuring the continuation of good karma.

Taxi. Standard tip is 15%. If they get you to your destination quickly, tip extra.


During the holidays, it’s customary to give a little more for the everyday services we receive. Here is just a short list of people you should consider giving “la boost” to during the holidays.

Mailman. It’s against federal law to tip federal employees, but they can accept gifts of less than $20. But most will probably look the other way if you give more.

Garbage/recycling man. These guys have a dirty job, recognize their work around the holidays by giving them a tip. $10 per person is nice.

Teachers. If you have kids in school, it’s usually customary to give their teacher a small gift at Christmas time. It doesn’t have to be big. Here’s a tip: teachers get box loads full of body lotion, candles, and various apple themed knickknacks (no, you’re not the first person to think of giving them an apple-shaped paperweight). Give them something they’ll really enjoy like a gift card to Borders or Target.

Babysitter. A gift in addition to their normal pay is nice. Gift cards are always appreciated.

Cleaning person. An extra week’s pay or a nice gift.

Hope this helps somebody out, because the last thing you want to do is come across as cheap or as the author stated unmannered and uncouth.
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#373308 - 01/06/18 09:53 AM Re: The Art of Tipping............... [Re: FREAK]
Birdie4me Online   content

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Hey Freak - you forgot one. Speaking of casino tipping, what about sports contests like Three & Out, March Madness, etc. If the host of a particular contest or pool is doing all of the work to facilitate, its nice for the winners to give a little back.

#373318 - 01/06/18 10:27 AM Re: The Art of Tipping............... [Re: Birdie4me]
Stewman21 Offline
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Birdie - You are right ON! Guys, make sure you take care of the Freakster, he busts his ass and I know he appreciates any and all tips cause it all adds up.

Thanks for all your hard work Freak and Happy New Years!

Best of Luck to ya!

#376307 - 01/29/18 02:15 AM Re: The Art of Tipping............... [Re: Birdie4me]
FREAK Online   happy

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Originally Posted By: Birdie4me
Hey Freak - you forgot one. Speaking of casino tipping, what about sports contests like Three & Out, March Madness, etc. If the host of a particular contest or pool is doing all of the work to facilitate, its nice for the winners to give a little back.

Well I have to assume you are talking about me as the person being the host.

I am not going to name names, but there are people that have won thousands of dollars and didn't tip one cent.

Unfortunately for me there have been several of these take place.

I pay for my entries always and pay out every thing. So I am not getting anything off the top or a free ride. I do all the work by hand, do all the grading, website updating, e-mailing and it's a lot of work not to mention time in doing all of this.

One day down the road, way down the road, I am going to share a story that would blow people's minds. Even I was floored about the absurdity.
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#377311 - 02/07/18 02:35 PM Re: The Art of Tipping............... [Re: FREAK]
cash Offline

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Name the names FREAK.

I think you should shame these people.

If they are that cheap or narrow minded they need outed.

It's been too long for me not to be posting and I apologize for that. I have been lurking and reading however.

I am not that savvy when it comes to handicapping and don't want to embarrass myself with a bunch of bad picks.

#396570 - 07/23/18 05:46 PM Re: The Art of Tipping............... [Re: cash]
WillyBoy Online   content

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I have to disagree when it comes to casino dealers. Win or lose, I tip 15%-20% of my initial bankroll. The dealer does all the work and, if he’s fast, but patient with others – he definitely needs to be rewarded. I never tip my bookie (runner) cash, but win or lose I always buy him lunch on settle-up day, and take him out to dinner with his wife twice a year. If I win big, I’ll buy him a pie.


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