Nashville at Montreal
Saturday night game at the Bell Centre. Should be a good game but I think the best the Canadians can do is keep it close. Predators are the better team. Overall record is better, they play great on the road, and play a very good team game. Foresburg should be back after his suspension and that can only help as well. This should be an easy one for the preds but like I say, it will be close.
Pick: Nashville

Edmonton at San Jose
Wow, tough for Edmontonians to be an Oilers fan... Some great players on that team but they just have not figured out the right chemistry or mix of players and playing styles. I lived there for 10 years up until 2 years ago and it was tough listening to the gloating ( I am NOT an Oilers fan) as they got prime draft pick position year after year but it was made easier when i would point out that they still suck. In fairness, my own team is worse!
Anyway, both teams have lost their last couple games. Oilers record on road is a losing one and sharks pretty good at home. Teams are not that far apart in offensive rankings though but Sharks are in kind of a funk as well lately.
I think they can be beat at home in this one so I am going to pick the road team here.
Pick: Oilers

Ottawa at Toronto
Another all Canadian and also all Ontario match-up here. Both teams were expected to do well this year and also, both goalies names Anderson (Ok leafs goalies is Andersen) but a lot of similarities. Thing is beyond country, province, and similar goalie names, the similarities end there.
Senators are having a very disappointing season. They just can't seem to get it together. I would like to see this Canadian team do well, they have a player I was a big fan of in Burrows. His time in Vancouver was obviously very good. As a player on my favorite team, I loved his agitator style but he could also play the game. He beat long odds to make it to NHL in the first place, and did lots to support the community and other teammates. Anyhow, he kind of crossed the line e recently and in an 'altercation', kneed a player in the head and is now suspended for 10 games, which I feel should not have been that long. But I digress again...
I don't see Ottawa being close to competing here against the leafs. Toronto is simply a way better team and Saturday night at home, they should kick ass tonight and win by a few.
Pick: Toronto