Bowl Contest Home Page

The games to be used for the contest are for December 29th through January 1st only.

There are a total of 13 games for this contest.

You will pick each game against the contest spread. For a potential of 13 points.

Your 13 selections will be worth 1 point.

You will receive 1 point for each win and -1 point for each loss.

The person that earns the most points wins the contest. In case of a tie, the prize pool will be split among all players who have the most points.

All selections will be posted at once on the Bowl Contest webpage: Click Here

Limit 2 entries per person.

Entry is open from Noon December 20th until 9PM Eastern on December 28th.

Cost $100

Enter via Pay Pal/Venmo or Chase Quick Pay.

Pay Pal use the friend to friend option only with no message.

Pay Pal to

E-mail me if you need to do a Chase Quick Pay

All selections will be due by 10PM Eastern December 28th.

I will e-mail all entrants from the official e-mail address so you know where to send your selections.

This is pretty straight forward, pick winners and earn points, pick losers and lose points.

Stop sitting on the sidelines and be a part of the action!