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June 30th 2017

******Please read in full as there is important information ******

Super Contest Gold and Investment Opportunity

The Westgate has introduced a high roller version of the Super Contest this year called Super Contest Gold. The contest works the same way as the normal Super Contest with a few exceptions.

1. The cost is $5,000 to enter. 

2. They will not be taking out 8% of the prize pool as with the normal contest.


I am looking to put an entry into the contest and I am looking for investors to invest into the entry.

The investors will reap 50% of the prize money if the entry wins. I have a few sharp handicappers in the wings that will aid me in making the final decisions on the card entered and our share is 50%. All winnings will be after taxes and a cut to the proxy as well.

The investors share of the pie will be proportionate to the amount invested.

For example:

After the tax cut and proxy tip the money remaining is $50,000.  $25,000 would go the handicappers and $25,000 to the investors.

If you invested $1,000 of the $5,000 entry your cut would be 20% of the $25,000 which equals $5,000. If you invested $500 or 10% then your pay back would be $2,500.

Keep in mind this is an example only. There is no way of knowing how many people will enter into the contest and most will be doing exactly as I am offering. This appears to be what the standard is after reaching out to some contacts.

If you are interested in being part of the investment group please e-mail me right away because once the amount is raised the offer will be closed.

Freaks Forum 2017 Football Mutual Fund

After finishing fourth in the William Hill College Football Contest last year and being part of winning entries in the Golden Nugget Friday Showdown and Westgate Super Contest last year people have asked how they could be a part of the action. I asked what they thought would be a good way and a few people mentioned putting together a mutual fund. I thought about it and thought it was a good idea.

The game plan is to pool money together and open a separate betting account with a top notch sportsbook with the possibility of it being in Las Vegas.  I am looking to start with $5,000 to $10,000 total. If we reach the $10,000 mark I will look to spread it out to a couple sportsbooks.  The investments would be made on College and NFL Football only.

The fund would run for the 2017 season and would conclude with the Super Bowl with payouts if any to be paid out to all investors after the Super Bowl. I say if any because there is always a chance to lose everything. Keep in mind if the fund busts at anytime then the fund closes out with zero payout.

I am looking to sell shares at $100 each with no limit to the amount of shares you can purchase.

This works like any other mutual fund. Whereas I am the money manager and will give all investors the investments before they take place for transparency purposes.

The premise is straight forward. Let's say we start the season at $5,000. That would be 50 shares at $100 each. If at the end of the season we had $10,000. The payout per share based on 50 shares is $200 per share. Of course any withdrawal fees would come out of the total and reduce per share price accordingly.

Everything will be 100% transparent except the account number and password. You will know where the money is and get e-mailed as mentioned with every investment made. This is not going to be a degenerate mutual fund where you are going to see 20+ plays made a weekend. It is going to be very selective and while past results can't predict future events, this should be a way to get involved at a higher level.

If you are interested in purchasing shares, please contact me immediately.

Need a Proxy for the Super Contest??

If you need a Super Contest Proxy look no further than the forums very own Sharky99 and Ken. These two are professionals and the real deal. I don't recommend ole anyone I only recommend the best. After all my reputation is at risk as well.

You can contact Sharky99 and Ken at: or call/text 702-969-3783 or 702-945-7908

Be sure to tell them FREAK sent you along. I get nothing out of this with the exception of knowing you will be well taken care of.

2017 Forum Football Contests

NFL BAD Man and 5-0 Side Jackpot

NFL Sunday Three and Out

NCAA Saturday Showdown

The Shark

*** See the forum for all contest details. ***

Don't Sit on the Sidelines, Be a Part of the Action

With the football season approaching it's time to get in on the action. I am looking to see your daily best bets in the Bet The House area. TINFW17 and I can use a hand in posting daily Service Plays and I am looking for people that get newsletters for the football season. Please contact me with what newsletter you subscribe to so we can complete our newsletter area.  The newsletter area is for those that supply weekly newsletters and those that support the forum in other ways only.

Don't be a lurker, be a contributing member. We are in this together and only succeed with a community effort.

Intertops FREAKS FORUM Member Only Offer

For New Members:

If you don't have an account with Intertops use the banner in this e-mail or the forum to go to Intertops and set up your account.

Make a deposit and get a 50% Bonus up to $200.  To get the full $200 you need to deposit $400. Be sure to enter the code FREAK50 where it asks for the promo code.

For Existing Members:

If you created your account via the forum in the past to take part in a contest or any other reason, you can also get the same 50% Bonus up to $200.

The key is you had to create your account in the past via the forum.  If you already have an account through somewhere else and your account has been inactive, I am pretty sure you can create a new account with a different e-mail address to take up this offer. Be sure to click the banner so they know you came from the forum. If they don't see that, you won't get the bonus.

Click Here To Go To Intertops

Don't sit on the sidelines, be a part of the action with Freaksforum!


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