Welcome to the second annual Saturday Showdown

Please read the rules in their entirety so there isn't any confusion.

1. The entry fee is $50. A maximum of two entries are allowed per person. Any contestant with more than two entries will be disqualified.

2. The deadline for entry is Friday September 8, 2017 at 6PM Eastern.

3. Saturday Showdown contest requires the contestant to choose five selections from the list of games and totals each week during the contest. The selections will come from the designated Saturday Showdown contest lines. There will not be any ties, due to all point spreads being half-points.

You earn 2 points for each best bet win, 1 point for each non best bet win and receive 0 points for each loss. Each week you select one of your five plays as a best bet, the other four plays will be a non best bet.

4. Saturday Showdown will consist of a maximum of 10 contest days from Saturday, September 9, 2017 through Saturday, November 11, 2017. We will be using Saturday games only. This is a winner take all contest and the prizes will be paid as follows:

The contestant with the most points at the end of the contest is declared the winner.

- In case of a tie, the entrant with the most Best Bet winners will be declared the winner.

- If there is still a tie with Best Bet Winners the person with the most points the final three weeks of the contest period will be declared the winner.

- If there is still a tie we will go back four weeks, five weeks, etc etc until a winner is determined. If after all tie breakers there is still a tie, then the prize pool will be split equally.

5. The contest will pay out one prize of a $500 betting credit at Intertops Sportsbook unless there is a tie, see rule 4 for details.

6. Contestants must submit their weekly selections to the official contest e-mail address which will be provided to all entrants. Selections will be due by 10PM Eastern on Friday for Saturday's schedule of games. Any contestant who fails to submit selections will receive zero points for that weeks entry.

7. It is the contestant’s responsibility to correctly turn in their weekly selections. The weekly lines will be posted on the official Saturday Showdown webpage. (http://www.freaksforum.com/SS.SHTML) The contestant as a courtesy will also receive an e-mail with the weekly lines. Only the selections on your reply e-mail will be valid as the official selections.

8. In the eventuality of a game cancellation or postponement the game must be played by Monday of that week to be considered action or contestant will be awarded a loss for that selection.

9. Standings will be updated and displayed each week during the contest at http://www.freaksforum.com/SS.SHTML

10. Any questions or disputes concerning the interpretation of these rules or situations not covered by these rules will be resolved by FREAK in a manner deemed to be fair to all concerned, and that decision shall be final and binding on all contestants.

11. Freaksforum reserves all rights, including the right to make changes to the contest rules and format or cancel the contest at any time.

12. Entry fees will not be refunded other than for cancellation of the contest. Entries are non-transferable. Only Pay Pal, Chase Quick Pay or a Chase Branch Deposit will be accepted for entry. If an alternate form is necessary, please contact FREAK.

13. If you have questions regarding the contest, feel free to contact FREAK at freak@freaksforum.com

14. After the final winners are posted, a three (3) day verification period will be allowed. Any disputes with the contest and the results or prize allocation must be provided to FREAK in writing within this verification period. At the end of this time, Saturday Showdown results will be declared official. In the event of a dispute, the decision by FREAK is final.
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