Dear SportsOptions Customers,

We are pleased to announce that SportsOptions has been acquired by Don Best Sports.

After nearly a decade of operating independently we have decided that the combined resources and experience of the two organizations is the best way to deliver customers the fastest and most accurate information. In addition this new venture will enable us to further expand our offering to include more sports, leagues, props and futures.

Once the initial transition is complete we will be developing a brand new combined program using the latest technology, the best features of both services, and exciting new features based in large part on customer feedback.

The current SportsOptions program will continue to operate until the new program is released, but we have combined our resources with Don Best to power both products with the same data, including real-time updates for all sportsbooks.

With the merging of the Don Best data into the SportsOptions program, our pricing structure will now be adjusted so as to mirror that of Don Best, which will mean an increase for some customers. If you are currently on auto renewal please contact our office to confirm your new rate prior to your renewal date. Please feel free to contact our team directly with any questions on rates or other changes. Thank you for your support.