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#328490 - 12/04/16 09:15 PM Why Bowl Season Sucks
FREAK Online   happy

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Why Bowl Season Sucks

Written by FREAK from

It's the same every year, a team will feel jilted for not making the playoffs in NCAA football. It's the same old sad story just like the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Let's face it the NCAA Basketball tournament with 68 teams is too many yet it still manages to create a ton of buzz and upsets galore when the little school beats the bigger schools.

Remember George Mason, Valpo and Florida Gulf Coast. Who doesn't remember their improbable magical runs. They leave on in basketball lore forever.

When it comes to the NCAA Football version of plays we get four teams and there is always one or two teams that feel they got cheated or were more deserving than that one other team.

But there is the post season known as the College Bowls. I mean surely you remember who won the Camellia Bowl last year or how about the Foster Farms bowl, still have you stumped, what about the Quick Lane bowl? No? Well maybe just maybe you'll remember the Cure Bowl. Guess not... Heck can you name where any of these are even played? Trust me you aren't alone. 99% of people asked where these bowls are played or to be able to name just one team that participated in them have no clue either.

So here we are this year. Forty bowl games but does the Celebration Bowl count? NC Central vs Grambling? Is Kool and the Gang sponsoring the bowl game? I really don't count this as a bowl game at all. Do you?

So let's say 39 bowls and we have no idea who is playing in the Medal of Honor bowl. Now we have 38 bowls but one is the National Title game, so we will use a total of 37 bowls. Yes ladies and gentleman 37 bowl games.

Let's dive in shall we. We have 74 teams of which 17 of them got in with a record of 6-6. 1 team got in at 6-7 and holy cow 2 teams made it with a 5-7 record. (MS ST & North Texas)

20 teams that didn't have a winning season but yet here they are in a bowl game.

I know I look forward to the big match up of 5-7 Mississippi St vs 6-6 Miami OH in the St Petersburg Bowl. I wonder how many tickets will be available for that game? Then you have the North Texas Mean Green at 5-7 pretty much hosting a bowl game at the Cotton Bowl in the Heart of Dallas Bowl vs Army.

This should break the ratings record with that 11AM local kickoff time. If I am still sleeping, please don't wake me.

Does anybody remember the days of needing 8 quality wins to get into a bowl game? Just think if we included 8-5 teams we would have a total of 46 teams or only 23 bowl games this year.

They will say it is a reward for the kids to get to travel and go somewhere they normally wouldn't visit. The folks at North Texas would never visit Dallas?

I know the kids at Maryland and Boston College which both finished 6-6 have always dreamed of going to play a bowl game in Detroit.

Seriously though folks, it all comes down to dollars, greed, dollars and more greed. Nothing else.

Yet we can't have a true playoff system because the kids will miss school. How are the folks doing in the old I-AA who just had their second round of playoffs this past weekend doing?

Oh that's right, they are the JV league and don't draw television exposure as So Miss and Louisiana Lafayette will in the New Orleans Bowl. I am sure those two 6-6 teams will draw a huge audience.

The only people truly happy about all these bowl games is the degenerates who would rather have some crappy teams in a crappy bowl that no one will remember a few weeks after it happens so they can bet on it.

Yes let me rush and place a wager on UTSA and New Mexico in the New Mexico bowl. Can I have the max please on boring as hell to win?

I think you get the point by now, but have you figured out where those bowl games are located and who played in them last year. Sorry you aren't allowed to use google for the answers.

But since I know you will, have at it, just don't have at it with the boring bowl games this year. Do something more productive.

Watch paint dry.

Good Teams Win, Great Teams Cover!

#331203 - 01/05/17 12:38 AM Re: Why Bowl Season Sucks [Re: FREAK]
FREAK Online   happy

Registered: 12/01/00
Posts: 159436
Loc: Time to play the Game
Well there is only the NCAA Championship remaining and all the bowl games are finally over.

While it was nice to have football on pretty everyday for three weeks. There was only a hand full of games that were entertaining and worth watching.

I don't know about you, but I just couldn't get excited over a 5-7 team vs a 6-6 team. There wasn't any reason to get the juices flowing to want to rush to the tv to watch it or hanging on to every update on your app of choice.

I think the best Bowl game was the Rose Bowl between USC/Penn St. The crowd interaction for both teams and the play on the field had that buzz not to mention the electric type atmosphere.

To me that's what bowl games are supposed to be all about. If we live in a society where you get a trophy for participating then they can keep it.

I know there are those in the camp, football is better than no football, but if there isn't anything to get excited about, no past history, no true league pride or even a sense of we must win this game then what good is it?

I didn't watch nearly 80% of the bowl games and didn't miss a thing. I did watch paint dry and weeds grow and I had a good ole time doing so.

Until the next participation trophy bowl season.

Roll Tide !
Good Teams Win, Great Teams Cover!


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