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#231149 - 04/04/12 02:23 AM 2012 Season
FREAK Online   happy

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Here are my predictions for 2012

NL East Philadelphia
NL Central Cincinnati
NL West Arizona
Wild Card Atlanta

Al East NY Yankees
AL Central Detroit
AL West LA Angels
Wild Card Toronto

Arizona vs LA Angels
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#237032 - 09/21/12 03:10 AM Re: 2012 Season [Re: FREAK]
FREAK Online   happy

Registered: 12/01/00
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Loc: Time to play the Game
Well Philly won't win the East, Cincy won the Central and Arizona certainly won't win the west.

Only chose one wild card per league at least I have Atlanta right.

AL East still up for grabs, Detroit still fighting Chicago and LA won' win West and likely won't make wild card.

Toronto WC also a fail as is the WS selections.

Will analyze the playoffs once all set.
Stop sitting on the sidelines and be a part of the action!

#237615 - 10/03/12 11:57 PM Re: 2012 Season [Re: FREAK]
FREAK Online   happy

Registered: 12/01/00
Posts: 171153
Loc: Time to play the Game
NL East Philadelphia FAIL
NL Central Cincinnati SUCCESS
NL West Arizona FAIL
Wild Card Atlanta SUCCESS

Al East NY Yankees SUCCESS
AL Central Detroit SUCCESS
AL West LA Angels FAIL
Wild Card Toronto FAIL

Arizona vs LA Angels WOOPS

Another regular season of baseball has come and gone and I feel a twinge of sadness as this was a really great regular season. From the perfect games to the history of Miguel Cabrera and his Triple Crown achievement, the first since I was born in 1967.

Great upcoming stars like Mike Trout should help the game continue to progress.

The resurrection of meaningful baseball in Baltimore, Washington, Oakland and Pittsburgh. Even though Pittsburgh had a horrendous last two months to their season to see them in first place at the break and a tad beyond that gives some hope to other small market clubs.

To see Baltimore rise from the ashes and really out of nowhere is a testament to the management of the team. The same in Washington it was nice to see what they did this year. Oakland to me is by far the most surprising and unexpected story of the year when it comes to teams. 13 games behind first place in July, a season that looked lost and five rookies in the rotation and for game 162 to mean what it did today. Even behind 5-1 today they did what they have done the last few months and rallied and stole the division away from Texas.

Texas went from the AL best record to wild card team in a blink of the eyes. They almost had an Atlanta moment from last year. I think if the season went 1 more week it would've happened. Hats off to Tampa Bay a valiant run once again that this time fell short and what about the Tigers rise with the White Sox collapse.

Looking at the NL West LA and the spending of all the money didn't matter in the end and SF basically rallied after the 50 game suspension of one of their best players. SF showed that the team is always bigger than one player. That's such a great story.

I am sure it has likely happened in the past, but how often do you have a season ending series with two teams that both lost 100 games as we did with Houston/Chicago Cubs. Add to the fact they were the only two teams with 100+ losses and in the same division makes it even more unlikely.

In the AL East -- Yankees did what was needed when it was needed and they are a dangerous club that won 95 games while losing their ace closer and had a lot of injuries to key players all year long. Got to give them their due.

Baltimore a great story and they did a role reversal with Boston this year. Baltimore went 93-69 to finish second while Boston went 69-93 to finish last.

Tampa wins 90 games, doesn't make the playoffs but would've won the Central by 3 games. They are going to have an interesting off season and it may be a different looking team next year.

Toronto 73-89 a really disappointing year and one I thought they would be battling for the top of the heap. I was way off but not alone on where they should've been.

Boston -- It couldn't have happened to a better team. I just can't stand Boston and the east coast bias of ESPN to show practically every Bos/NYY game.


Detroit not the greatest of division winners but the Cabrera feat is a great achievement. I don't think they go far in the playoffs but stranger things have happened.

Chicago had a total collapse and some long losing streaks down the stretch. They struggled playing against starting LHP and were under .500 playing at night.

KC, Cleveland and Minnesota all have a lot of catching up to do if they want to be competitive against the top 2 in this division. Minnesota likely has the best chance at competing next year if they can bolster their middle relief and get a decent mid level starter.

Out West I spoke of Texas and Oakland but I think back of a series that Oakland had against LA Angels and how LA crushed them and at that point I think most wrote off Oakland. The next series Oakland went and crushed LA and got back in it and never stopped. They won 7 of their last 9 of which 5 alone was verus Texas. They lost the only 2 vs Texas splitting a 4 game series at Texas which was key for them. The reason Texas lost is their 27-29 record within the division. The A's were 32-24.

The Angels another team that if in the Central wins by 2 games but yet misses the playoffs. A great season and we found another star with Mike Trout.

Seattle finished as expected but had a much better season that expected at 75-89. If they can rebuild their offense they have decent starting pitching in their top 3 starters to make an impact next year.

In the National League East, Washington is the story and you have to tip your hat to the Braves for rebounding after last years collapse. I think a lot of it has to do with Chipper Jones final season. He's been the heart and soul of this Braves team for a decade plus. I've enjoyed his career immensely, the Braves won't be the Braves without him.

Philadelphia, NY Mets and Miami all had under achieving years based on expectations, money spent and past history. I am not sure which is worse Philly or Miami. They are both likely going to have a make over.

The Reds return back to the roost and it will be interesting to see what St Louis does if they can get by the Braves in the Wild Card. Frankly I don't like this 1 game wild card bs because 1 team is going to play 163 and get shown the door after a great regular season that just plain sucks.

Milwaukee and Pittsburgh had better than expected years and we all know about the debacles in Chicago 101 losses and Houston 107 losses. These two combined to go 43-119 on the road. 10 teams in the majors won 43 games on the road by themselves led by Washington winning 48 and Cincinnati winning 47.

Finally in the West a great year for the Giants, a ton of money spent by the Dodgers which may pay off next year but I don't think so. I don't think they are the Yankees of the National League. I believe they are going to struggle with egos that sort of surface down the stretch. Big $ doesn't always relate to the playoffs, see Oakland for a blue print of how to do it right.

Arizona had a rather disappointing season after the end of last season and the start of this season. This team was either on a 5 game winning streak or a 5 game losing streak there was just no consistency to be found. They need some veteran players in their lineup.

San Diego had a nice second half of the season and they are a lot like Oakland to some degree, they have a nice nucleus of young pitchers, they need a veteran and some offense.

As for Colorado, they just need pitching, pitching, pitching. If you noticed the last two months of the season the starters were typically only going 4-5 innings max and it was set up that way. They had a pitcher on notice to be ready to come in the 2nd or 3rd inning of every game. Not sure what that was all about but it certainly didn't work. They had to go 6-4 the final 10 games to avoid the 100 game losing season but had 98 losses.

Looking forward to the playoffs and I know people tend to forget about baseball once football starts up and if you did, you missed out a great final month and some amazing moments.

I did something that I never had done before and purchased the MLB.TV package online for $10 when they offered it one weekend about 6 weeks ago. By far the best $10 I ever spent online for anything and more than likely the best $10 I spent. Typically I'll watch games free on the streaming sites but the quality isn't great and they don't have all the games.

I watched tonight the final outs of the regular season which ended simultaneously in both KC and MIL in two totally meaningless games after watching the Reds lose 1-0 to the Triple A Cardinals tonight. Just have to love baseball we all grew up playing it in the summer whether it was whiffle ball, softball or hitting baseball that went through neighborhood windows.

The boys of summer definitely delivered in 2012. As I close this, it feels like just last week I was up late watching Seattle and Oakland open the season in Japan. The regular season is only 6 months away. smile


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